Frame in field
Frame in field

Frame wedding marquee

Our range of frame marquees provide the perfect blank canvas for any wedding. These modern marquees are a popular choice with our clients as they provide considerable space for guests and are extremely versatile with the option of clear roofs and gables.

Sturdy in structure and water-tight, our frame marquees are perfect for any wedding season. They can withstand high wind speeds and snow loads in the winter, or for summer celebrations the marquee walls are easily detached so your guests can enjoy the warm weather.

When securing our frame marquees, they can be bolted or weighed down, allowing them to be installed on a range of surfaces from grass to hardstanding. Our frame marquees can also be joined to buildings to extend space.

We have a wide range of marquee interiors and equipment to suit your style. Depending on time of year we can provide heating, to keep your marquee toasty and warm.

Small to Large Wedding Marquees

Frame marquees are the best choice for maximising the space you have available.

Our 2m, 3m, 6m and 9m wide Losberger multi-platform structures are wonderful options for small to medium sized events.

We also have frame marquee structures that are 10m, 12m and 15m wide; these heavy-duty aluminium structures are perfect for a larger event. Our frame tents are built to last and provide safe and secure cover for wedding events.

Our frame marquees can be extended to any length in 3-5m bays. With no internal poles you have no restrictions when it comes to internal space.

Wedding Frame Marquee Venues

Whether your dreaming of a large wedding on country house greens or an intimate wedding receptions in your back garden, our experienced team are on hand to help make your dream a reality.  If you have a venue, we will arrange a site visit to check the suitability and if you don’t we can help you find a venue. We work with some beautiful wedding venues across the South, and can help you find the perfect location for you.

Get in touch with our team today and we can chat through your vision and we can create the perfect wedding package for you. Call 01234 372242 or drop us an email