Tips for Planning a Summer Marquee Wedding

Published February 22nd 2017 by

Planning a summer marquee wedding can be incredibly exciting. Using a marquee for your summer wedding can mean making the most of the lovely weather and creating a more intimate area for your guests to enjoy the day. Not to mention it has lots of character! Here are some tips to help you plan your summer marquee wedding:

Choose Your Style Of Marquee Wisely

Choosing your marquee style wisely is really important. The style you choose isn’t just about the look you like best, but the one that’s going to work with the location of your wedding. You can get traditional marquees, marquees that look like huge tipis, and more.

You’ll need to consider what sort of land the style of marquee is suitable for, windows and doors and whether there are going to be any issues with the seating and flooring you want to use.

Don’t Struggle – Hire A Planner

Planning a marquee wedding yourself can be difficult, as there’s so much to think about. You don’t have to struggle if you use a wedding planner. They can help you with the planning of the big day at a number of different levels to suit your budget, and take a lot of the stress out of it for you.

If you were to get married in a venue, there would be a banquet manager to take care of issues. If you have a marquee, there’s nobody unless you hire a planner. They will be able to sort out your deliveries as well as overcome difficulties so you can feel relaxed.

Decorating and Arranging Your Event Lay Out

Decorating and arranging your event layout is going to give your marquee the theme you really want for your day. One part of the marquee that should never be neglected is the ceiling. It’s a great place to hang lights and lanterns, so you can create a magical effect.

One design many people like to go for in a marquee is a rustic, country look. However, this isn’t the only one you can have. You can still create a very classy look inside of your marquee.

Consider Parking

Parking for your guests, vendors, and suppliers is super important too. Ensure there are parking space and let people know of any other places to park in the area, just in case. Consider your guests who may be wearing heels – will they want to walk over a muddy field? You could at least warn them, or place something there to help.

Good signage is a must, so people don’t get lost on the way!


Make sure you have mobile toilets for your guests. You want them to look as nice as possible, as some people can feel funny about using them!

Access For Vendors

You need to make sure your vendors are going to have access to the marquee and the surrounding areas. Some of your ideas might be available, but not doable depending on where your marquee is going to be placed.

Getting The Lighting Right

You’re likely going to need lighting that is practical, as well as lighting that will help to set the atmosphere that you want. You need to make sure key areas are lit up at night time, such as pathways that people will likely walk down. Exterior lighting is also super important if any of your vendors will be outside.