Planning for a Winter Wedding

Published June 21st 2017 by

Although many people plan a summer wedding, winter weddings have their own special qualities and can be a truly magical experience for the happy couple. Knowing the right way to plan a winter wedding will help to make sure you and your guests have the best day and night imaginable. Here are some tips to help you have the best day of your lives!

Select Gorgeous Winter Wedding Colours

Having beautiful winter wedding colours included in your big day will help to give your day a more put together look. Colours such as berry red, black, and gold can all work wonderfully depending on the type of day you want to put together.

Go For Winter Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are tradition, so how about making your wedding favours suitable for the climate outside? You could give pashminas and blankets, or even a warming bottle of something to drink.

Keeping Your Guests Happy

As well as going for wintery wedding favours, make sure you’ve thought about the little things when it comes to your guests. If it’s raining, could somebody hand out umbrellas? Is there something for them to wipe their feet on so they don’t slip inside the venue? You can also get really creative with the cocktails that are served, adding fruit and spices suited to the weather.

Consider Including A Marquee

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that marquees are only suitable for the summer time! Heaters can be used to make the marquees toasty warm inside, ensuring everybody is comfortable. Marquees can look especially magical during winter, what with fairy lights and other decorative pieces you may choose. Hard flooring can also be used to protect your guests from waterlogged ground. You and your guests will be able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors at this time of year, all while staying comfortable in a winter marquee. Marquees can be used year round to create a magical wedding day.

Winter Transport

Making sure you get to the location of your wedding in style and on top will be a big concern of yours. Many people like to use vintage cars, but they are not always suitable for icy conditions outside. A good company will have a plan in place for replacement vehicles to ensure you arrive in time. Silver and dark cars look amazing in winter wedding photography as they are so reflective, whereas white can get splashed with mud and lose its glamour. Bear that in mind!

Your Winter Wedding Look

Getting your winter wedding look right is crucial if you want to feel great on the day and look back on the pictures with a smile on your face. Make sure you pay special attention to your winter beauty routine, keeping skin and lips well moisturised to avoid chapping. Ideally, you’ll also choose a dress and accessories that match the climate. A faux fur stole could help you to stay warm and look chic in the weather too.

Planning your winter wedding to perfection is crucial to having the best day possible. Use these tips to help make your winter wedding unforgettable!