Pagoda party marquee

Our pagoda marquees (also known as Chinese hats) are the perfect party marquee option as they are both versatile and visually impressive. Our pagoda marquees can be grouped together, can stand alone, act as extensions to homes and can be added to our other marquee styles to create spectacular entrances.

There is no place like home; so why not throw a garden party and celebrate with people you love the most, in your own back yard with our pagoda marquees? At Lewis Marquees, we have a range of marquee styles perfect for gardens large and small.

Our expert team work with the space available onsite; we deliver, construct and take down our marquees, so you can rest assured that your party is stress free before and after your big event. Single pagoda marquees act as perfect shelter for bars and seating. Beautifully decorated these stand-alone marquees are a simple yet effective addition to any party.

Party pagoda style

If you are celebrating in a venue where more space is available, having multiple Chinese hat pagoda marquees next to each other creates an eye-catching centrepiece that will impress any guest.

Displaying our pagoda marquees in rows is perfect for adding glamour to any pool party and elegance to summer gatherings, adding that extra decorative feature to your party setting. You can also use them as shelter for dining areas or for a buffet.

Adding pagodas to larger marquees

If you are partying in one of our larger marquee structures, the pagodas are a wonderful way of adding extra WOW factor. Our pagoda marquees act as amazing entrances and reception areas, or they can be used as additional areas where people can relax and socialise outside of your main marquee.