How to Light your Wedding Marquee

Published August 22nd 2016 by

A beautiful wedding marquee helps to make your big day even more special. And, lighting is a very important factor to consider. It helps create certain atmospheres and enhance everyone’s experience of the celebration. There are lots of lighting options to choose from for your wedding marquee. In this piece, we’ll run through all of them and provide you with little bits of info to help you make the right choice.

Decorative Lighting

Let’s kick things off with a bang, as decorative lighting is the most exuberant choice out there. You’ll find plenty of ideas that help give your marquee a decorative touch:

Fairy Lights

These are a huge favourite for many couples in this day and age. Although small, fairy lights create an amazing atmosphere. You can use them along the inside of the marquee roof for the perfect effect. When the night comes around, they act like twinkling stars to provide a romantic setting.

Festoon Lighting

If you want some trendy decorative lighting, then festoons may be for you. They’re large bulb lights and can hang from the roof of your marquee. They’re great because they can be used with dimmer switches to help you alter the mood.


Chandeliers are a fantastic way to add serious style to any wedding marquee. They’re stunning, and will hang from the roof with pure elegance. Perfect if you’ve got a glamorous wedding day planned!

Outdoor Lighting

As well as the lighting inside of your marquee, you have to think about what goes on outside. The right outdoor lighting will help create a true spectacle. Plus, you need to light up the outside for practical reasons. It helps stop your champagne-sipping guests from walking into things when it’s dark!


There’s something magical about using lanterns for your outdoor lighting. I feel as though they build a brilliant atmosphere around your marquee. It makes your wedding day feel like a fairytale.
Functional Lighting

Although decorative lighting is more fun, that doesn’t mean you should ignore functional lighting! Every marquee has to have some kind of functional lighting present. This will be the main light source for the room.

Functional Lighting

Pendant Lights

These are the most traditional functional lighting options. Hung from the ceiling, they’re classy and light up large spaces very well.


Uplighters are a lovely way of lighting up your wedding marquee. Instead of hanging from the ceiling, these lights are down on the ground. They shine their light upwards, and it illuminates marquees with ease.

It’s always a good idea to fit functional lights with dimmer switches. This way, you can alter the brightness, and set the desired mood.

Hopefully, this blog has given you some handy advice regarding wedding marquee lights. But let our marquee hire team know if you need any advice and we’d be happy to help.