Marquee Linings

Transform one of our marquees into a luxurious structure with our range of marquee linings. Our high-quality linings help create a beautiful atmosphere inside a marquee and give the perfect finishing touch that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Linings for our marquees are offered as a supplementary service for customers hiring our marquees.

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Marquee lining styles

We have a range of marquee linings available to help you achieve the look to suit your occasion. Our team will work with you to help you choose the best linings for your event type and style.

Pleated marquee linings

Our pleated linings have a beautiful traditional look. The drapes of the pleated linings sit loosely against the marquee frame. This brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to your event. These marquee linings come in white and ivory and look spectacular with empire chandeliers. This style of lining is particularly popular for weddings but works well for any event.

Flat marquee linings

Flat linings give the marquee a contemporary feel. This style of lining sits tighter to the marquee frame for a more polished, minimal look and feel. These look magical adorned with hanging marquee interiors such as fairy lights and festoon lighting. These linings are often paired with roof overlays.

Starlight linings

Our starlight linings are available in black and ivory. The starlight linings have LED lights woven into the lining material. With built-in DMX control which enables you to create a twinkling effect and choose ideal brightness settings. These linings look spectacular over dance floors and are a feature that your guests will not forget. Pairing these with one of our marquees will create a magical, fairy-tale marquee interior.

Roof overlays & drapes

Roof overlays are available in a range of exciting colours. These are used for adding pops of colour and to break up marquee roof linings. Perfect for weddings with a set colour theme. They’re also ideal for Indian weddings, where culture colours are extremely important. For corporate events, marquee roof overlays inject a brand’s signature colours into the interior. If you choose a marquee with a clear roof, drapes are another great way to add colour to your marquee. They are also the best way to hide any metalwork on the structure.

Unsure about the type of lining you would like, pop into our showroom and have a look and chat with our team.

High-Quality Marquee Linings

We make sure to source the best quality for all our linings. This is because we believe every part of the marquee plays an important role in creating the perfect event space. Unsure about the type of lining you would like? Pop into our showroom, have a look, and chat with our team when you’re ready. The Lewis Marquee team would love to help you choose the best marquee lining option for your event.

Marquee linings aren’t the only additional marquee feature we offer. From lighting and furniture to dance floor and bar hire, we can help with all your marquee interior needs. Make sure to explore all our other equipment hire options!

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