Christmas Party Marquees

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Published May 15th 2017 by

So many people only associate marquees with weddings. While this is probably their most popular use, you can use marquees for a whole host of other events. An especially good event to hire a marquee for is your yearly Christmas party. Whether you’re throwing a party for your friends, family, or work colleagues, a marquee could be just the venue you’ve been after! Read on for a few reasons why a marquee could be a fantastic choice for your Christmas party:

An Exclusive Venue

A marquee that you’ve hired out will be your very own exclusive venue. You and your guests will be able to enjoy the venue without any gatecrashers from other rooms, or having to worry about other people spoiling the fun. Not only that, you can keep going all night if you want. There isn’t going to be a closing time for your marquee. You and your guests can party all night long, feeling like you have your own VIP club!

Personalise Your Decor

A marquee is pretty much a blank canvas that you can build upon. You can completely personalise the decor with a marquee Christmas party. Do you want to go for traditional reds and greens? Would you prefer a more luxurious feel with glittering gold and silver? It’s entirely up to you, and you can easily make your ideas a reality!

Personalise The Entertainment

Personalising the entertainment is another great plus too. Some venues come with entertainment thrown in, but these packages aren’t always suitable. With a marquee, you can make sure every single aspect of the party is how you want it to be. You could go for a regular DJ, or get really crazy with some fire breathers and contortionists!

Christmas Party Ideas For Your Marquee

If you’d like a few ideas to help you start brainstorming, read on!

Fun Bright And Bold

If you like to have fun, then perhaps a bright and bold theme would be more suited to your party? Use plenty of different colours, especially traditional colours like red and green. Have fun with it, include novelty items, and laugh the night away!

A Winter Wonderland

Perhaps for something a little more formal, a winter wonderland party would be suitable. You can use fairy lights and other magical items to set the scene and make sure everybody dresses in their best attire.

The Three Kings

This theme could be somewhat royal, so you still include the traditional greens and reds, but you make sure it isn’t as novelty as fun bright and bold, with formal elements of a winter wonderland.

Ultimately, you can do absolutely anything with your marquee, which is what makes it such an excellent choice. Make sure you select a Christmas party marquee theme that suits your company/friends for a night that nobody will forget!

Are you going to choose a marquee for your next Christmas party? It’s a little different, but you can guarantee with the right event planning, it’ll be an out of this world occasion.