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Party marquee decorations | Lewis Marquees

Party in a Marquee

Published 3 months ago by

When people think of marquees they tend to think about glamorous weddings.  However, a marquee is also a great venue option for a whole host of other events. Hiring a marquee for a party is the perfect way to celebrate, whether it’s for a birthday, leaving party, wedding...
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Celebrating our 100th Year as a MUTA Member

Published 4 months ago by

At Lewis Marquees, we are celebrating another year as a MUTA member, but this isn’t just any year… it is our 100th year of membership! In 1919, we became one of MUTA’s founding members, and we are extremely proud to be one of the companies representing and reflecting...
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Building a Marquee | Lewis Marquees

Plan the Event of your Dreams with Lewis Marquees

Published 6 months ago by

At Lewis Marquees, we know the importance of planning your special event, and making sure it is perfect is what we do best. Weddings and birthday parties, to anniversaries and corporate events, we work closely with you to make sure your vision becomes a reality. Picking your Marquee...
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Marquee | Lewis Marquees

Last Minute Marquees

Published 7 months ago by

We have all experienced the mad rush and panic that sets in when having to plan at the last minute. Arranging an event can be stressful enough without additional time constraints, however, with our last-minute marquee service we aim to solve your event dilemmas and supply you with...
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Wedding Marquee| Lewis Marquees

Celebrate your Autumn Marquee Wedding in Style!

Published 8 months ago by

Autumn is here! This is an exciting time for us at the Lewis Marquee HQ, as we love autumn marquee weddings! Beautifully coloured leaves falling, crisp air and the darker evenings slowly making their way upon us, there is so much autumnal inspiration that can be used to...
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Marquee Interior | Lewis Marquees

Decorating your Wedding Marquee

Published 9 months ago by

A wedding marquee is a great way to celebrate your big day in style. It gives you the opportunity to transform a canvas marquee into a beautiful space. With the help of Lewis Marquees, you can make your vision a reality. Wedding Inspiration – Get Creative Once you...
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The History of Marquees

Published 1 year ago by

Marquees. They’re elegant, sophisticated, stylish. They lend protection and a feeling of opulence to any outdoor event. But what do we know about the history of the famous marquee? The origin of the term, like with much in the field of etymology, is peppered with both certainties and...
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Planning for a Winter Wedding

Published 2 years ago by

Although many people plan a summer wedding, winter weddings have their own special qualities and can be a truly magical experience for the happy couple. Knowing the right way to plan a winter wedding will help to make sure you and your guests have the best day and...
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Marquees for a Winter Wedding

Published 2 years ago by

Booking a winter wedding is a fantastic idea if you want to make sure you have some amazing photographs to remember your big day. If you’re lucky, you might even time your event, so there’s snow on the ground. You could have beautiful frost covering the trees and...
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