The Benefits of Hiring a Marquee For Your Wedding

Published December 6th 2016 by

Deciding just how and where to host your wedding reception can be hard. There are so many different venues to choose from and choosing the right one might take you a long time. Not only do you need to find a place you love, but you need to be able to book it on a date that suits you too. There is another option that you can consider if you can’t find just the right place for your wedding. Hiring a marquee gives you a different experience, which you might find is much better than stuffing your wedding guests into a hotel banquet room. Check out these top benefits of hiring a marquee for your wedding.


Choose the Ideal Location


Hiring a marquee for your wedding gives you plenty of flexibility for your location. You won’t be as limited as you would be if you were looking for a hotel or similar venue. All you need is some space to set up your marquee, perhaps with some convenient facilities nearby. So your wedding reception could be in a field in the middle of nowhere, on the grounds of a fancy venue, or just in your garden.

Flexibility and Customisation


One of the best things about hiring a marquee for your wedding is the flexibility it gives you. There are lots of ways it will make your wedding experience different. You won’t be limited by an inside venue might allow or not allow you to do. You can choose the best size for the number of guests, whether you have 50 or 200 people coming. You can set up the marquee wherever you want it and decorate it however you like. You’re able to bring in anything you need, from dining tables to dancefloors.


Enjoy the View


Since you’ll be setting up your marquee outside, you can take advantage of any beautiful views. The wedding reception can be held in the marquee and extend out into the surrounding area outside too. You can have windows in your marquee so that everyone can look out, even on a rainy day. Or you could select one of our beautiful dome marquees to open up your reception and enjoy the sunshine.

Pick Your Caterer


When you choose to have your wedding inside, it often means having to use the venue’s caterer. If you have a marquee wedding, you don’t have to follow such restrictions. Instead, you can select the caterer that you want. Whether you want a fancy five-course meal or a casual buffet, it’s up to you.


Stick to Your Budget


A marquee is also an excellent choice if you’re trying not to go over your budget. The flexibility it affords you makes it easy to keep your costs down. There are only a few essential elements, and you can select the rest based on what you can afford. You won’t have a wedding coordinator talking you into expensive packages.
Hiring a marquee for your wedding gives you lots of advantages over alternatives. Find out more about the marquee styles we have available to choose the perfect one for you.