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Frequently asked questions

Naturally you may have lots of questions when thinking about hiring a marquee. Wedding marquee hire, party marquee hire or corporate marquee hire we can help! Below are answers to questions that we are commonly asked, which we hope you find useful. However, if your query is not answered here, please ask us directly and we’d be happy to help.

Marquee Hire FAQ’s

The size of your marquee will depend on the number of guests you expect, plus added requirements such as bars, chill out areas and dancefloors. You will be limited by the space available in your garden or chosen venue but we can decide this during our complimentary site visit.

When you hire a marquee from us, it is for a weekend hire as standard unless requested otherwise.

We are very flexible when it comes to build and strike of the marquee. We can build the marquee in the preceding week on a day that suits you and it will invariably be dismantled the following Monday, subject to specific requests. Midweek events will be subject to your request. Saturday and Sunday build and strikes will incur an extra fee.

Build and strike dates will be arranged in the early party of 2023, once we have a clear picture of the bookings for the season.

We can only give a rough ETA on delivery time. For example, our team aims to be on-site between 9-11am.

Section 5 (b) of your contract: The Company will do its utmost to comply with the Client’s wishes wherever preference as to delivery, erector, or removal dates are requested but regret we cannot guarantee in advance that equipment will be delivered, erected or removed on a specified time or day; factors such as weather, road traffic, and other delays must be considered outside of the Company’s control.

It is advised that you confirm all your requirements at least a month before your event to avoid disappointment. You are more than welcome to ask, but extra equipment cannot be guaranteed at short notice and some items may unavailable nearer the time.

Yes, all the walls on our traditional tents are removable, and on our frame marquees the walls can be rolled up or drawn back. Customers are asked not to tamper with the structure of the marquees however, unless specifically told otherwise.

Our clear span frame marquees are ideal for winter events, however the nature of our canvas traditional marquees means they do not hold up well in wintery weather.

You will need heaters during the winter, spring and autumn months, but during the summer season it is entirely up to you. It can get chilly at night even during the summer so it is always worth considering.

Yes. Our traditional marquees are flame and water proofed to industry standards and the clear span frame marquees are completely watertight. By their very nature however, being temporary structures, they can be susceptible to extreme weather.

We have four main types of marquee; traditional poled canvas, clear span aluminium frame marquees, pagoda marquees (also known as Chinese Hat) and dome marquees. They are all brilliant white apart from the traditional marquees which can appear slightly off white due to the canvas.

Our marquee linings are ivory coloured as standard, in either flat or pleated varieties but any colour is attainable. We also have black starlight linings which adorn dance floor areas brilliantly.

The power for your event needs to be discussed depending on your needs. It will never be provided by default and needs to be specifically requested, though we will always ask you about your power requirements. For example, you will need to think about the requirements of bands, catering and marquee lighting. If you are near a property, the property’s mains should suffice but in a field or open space you will require a generator.

No, we can provide an array of different marquee furniture, linings, dancefloors, lighting and ancillary items but to name a few. We are a one stop shop for all your party or event planning needs.

The price of the furniture is only to hire the equipment. It’s the client’s responsibility to set up the tables and chairs. We can arrange to set up the marquee furniture at an additional charge.

Yes, subject to a site visit. In severe cases scaffolding can be erected on slopes, and frame tents can be built on hardstanding using either water weights or concrete weights for ballast. Traditional marquees cannot be erected on hardstanding however and are not ideal on very uneven ground.

Yes, in most cases. We use connecting gutters which attach to the building, but is always subject to our customers’ approval as drilling or nailing will be involved.

We must have clear access to the venue with no obstruction for our company or any of the subcontractors working for us.

Our marquees are incredibly safe. Our frame marquees are made by Losberger in France, one of the biggest and most reliable names in temporary structures, and our traditional marquees are secured heavily with a network of guy ropes, pulleys and stakes that keep it secure in upto 80mph winds.

A damage waiver is required to hire the company’s marquees.

Upon payment to the company of the damage waiver fee, the company will no longer hold the client responsible for damage to the equipment as a result of theft, vandalism, fire and explosion, storm, and tempest.

The damage waiver is non-refundable and please be aware that the client is responsible for the first £500.00 of any loss. Which often means broken furniture isn’t covered by the damage waiver.

For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions section 8 under the Damage Waiver.

Insurance is added to the net price at 6% and is termed a ‘damage waiver’.

The company is only responsible for the equipment which is provided or arranged through us.

If the client provides their own equipment or has arranged equipment from another supplier, this is your own responsibility.

Lewis marquees aren’t responsible for the removal of waste and rubbish from other suppliers. We will of course remove all our own waste and rubbish.

Lewis marquees will arrange a loo unit with one of our suppliers for your event.

The delivery time and collection time are down to the loo supplier’s schedule. This aspect is out of Lewis Marquees’ control. Our team will pass on any details given by the supplier.

Loo units do differ slightly and we can’t guarantee which style will be provided. This is down to which supplier is available and who can cover your area.

If you wish to use the loo unit over two days a pump-out service will be required and this comes at an additional cost.

Our list price is based on an average cost from our suppliers. If the cost is higher than our quote we will have to add this to the delivery charge.

If the supplier includes a delivery charge this cost will be added to your booking.

We are not responsible for the floral arrangement. However, we’re happy to help within reason at no additional cost. This is on the basis that we have allocated time and that the work takes no longer than an hour.

We require plans to be completed and with us 12 weeks before the event date.

There will be additional costs involved if the floral arrangement requires special attention from the company.

Yes, all our marquees use stakes to secure them down so all underground water, gas, electrical and fibre optic cables and pipes must be clearly marked out.

We take every care to ensure as little damage is done to your garden, however there will be residual damage from the pins and the flooring, which may discolour the grass due to lack of sunlight. It should return to normal within a few days however.

Yes, we offer all our customers a complimentary, no obligation site visit.

The company doesn’t provide a member of staff on site for the event date.

If you would like a member of staff on site this does come at an additional cost.

We do provide an emergency contact for the event if for any reason you have an issue with the equipment we have provided

The hire of a marquee will differ in price depending on the size of the event and the number of guests. The best way to find out how much it will cost in the long run is to make an enquiry with us, including as many specific details about the event as possible.

A traditional marquee uses king poles to lift it majestically from the ground and is made from canvas. It has wall poles all around the edge and is secured by a network of guys and pulleys attached to stakes in the ground. A frame marquee does not require poles and is held in place via a series of trusses and purlins atop thick aluminium legs. They use PVC walls and roofs which are absolutely watertight. Take a look at our marquee gallery pages to see the difference for yourself.

There is an array of different marquee flooring we can provide you with, including our most popular coir matting flooring. New carpet is available in a host of different colours and indeed hard flooring throughout if required.

We require full contact details for all your suppliers I.E Caterers, Bands or DJs, and Florist.

We also require the supplier’s power requirements 12 weeks prior to the event date. The power requirements sheet has been attached for suppliers to fill out.

If suppliers require any equipment from Lewis Marquees, we need to know as soon as possible. The latest we can add the additional equipment to the booking is 21 days before your event. However, please be aware our equipment is subject to availability.

We can only add the additional equipment if the client contacts us. The reason for this is to make sure the client is in full control of what’s being added to their booking.

There are no hidden charges when you receive a quote from Lewis Marquees. Everything is itemised and laid out for you on your quote so you will miss nothing.

MUTA is the trade association for the UK temporary structures and technical textiles industries of which Lewis Marquees was a founding member back in 1919. You can see their website at

We would always ask that the full invoice be settled 10 days prior to your event, and a 30% deposit is payable on receipt and signing of your hire contract.

Please don’t feel any question is too big or small to ask. If you have any questions get in touch via or call us on 01243 372 242.