How to Use Flowers in Your Wedding Marquee

Published June 16th 2016 by

A marquee will always be the perfect place to host your summer wedding reception. You get the best of both inside and out, with plenty of space for your guests. When you plan the wedding ceremony, it’s crucial to consider how to use flowers to enhance the experience. You shouldn’t neglect your marquee, though. It’s the ideal place to use flower arrangements of all kinds. You have lots of surfaces and areas where you can create beautiful flower arrangements. With an array of colours, textures, and scents to choose from, this can be quite daunting, but follow our advice and you’ll be well on your way to creating a beautiful, floral wedding marquee.

Height Variation

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When you plan the floral arrangements for your wedding marquee, don’t just keep them on one level. You have lots of different places where you can put them at different heights. Some might be in the eye-line when people are standing, while others are when they’re sat down. You could even have flowers above your guests heads or above the tables. Guests can see them as they enter the marquee and can be admired from afar. You might feature some at ground level too, perhaps near the entrance to greet everyone as they come in. This technique helps to add dimension and diversity to your interior.

Using Colour

James and Laura's WeddingJames and Laura's Wedding

Your marquee is likely to start off white. Bring colour into it using your flowers, and try to avoid using white ones. Perhaps you’ve already chosen your wedding colours. These should be continued from the ceremony to the reception using flowers. Depending on your colour scheme, it often works well to use bursts of colour within your floral arrangements to draw your guest in and create breathtaking focal points.

Use the Marquee Structure


You can use the structure of the marquee itself to create a fantastic outcome. You don’t just have to place flowers on the tables and flooring. For example, if the poles look plain, adding floral arrangements will dress them up. You could wind a vine-like design around them or tie on a statement arrangement. Use the ceiling to hang flowers and plants or hang them on the walls to vary the height of your arrangements. The flowers can become part of the structure of the marquee if they are integrated into the marquee instead of being added accessories.

Budget for Your Flowers



Flowers can enhance your marquee immensely, but don’t forget to budget for them. They can get expensive if you use a florist to order arrangements. Even if you decide to do a DIY job, the cost of the flowers will soon add up. Set a budget so that you can make sure you follow it. Make sure you communicate to your florist how much you can spend, so they can come up with something that works for you. You can still have the look you want if you discuss your wishes and your budget in advance.

Floral arrangements create a great impact in your wedding marquee. Plan how to use them carefully for a magical effect! If you need any further help with flower arrangement or creating a unique wedding interior, get in touch with our marquee hire team!