Top 5 Marquee Pitfalls






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 Here are the top 5 marquee pitfalls that any good marquee hire company should adhere to! 

  1. Gas Pipes – Marquees require metal stakes to secure them to the ground, always ensure that underground gas pipes are clearly marked
  2. Underground Fibre optics and electrical cables – See above
  3. Overhead wires – Marquees are tall structures, always ensure the site doesn’t have low hanging overhead wires or cables.
  4. Naked flames – Although all our Marquees are flame retardant to the highest standards set by MUTA, naked flames or hot bulbs should never be placed directly next to or under the Marquee material or Linings.  Candles are permitted on tables however but smoking is forbidden.
  5. Interfering with the structure – One of the greatest dangers to yourselves is to attempt to disassemble or adjust any part of the marquee yourself.  The Tents are erected by experienced teams who will always be available in the event of an emergency clomid tablets 50mg.  Unless instructed otherwise (walling may be taken down or drawn back) customers are not permitted to tamper with the structures for their own safety.

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