A Marquee Hire Guide

Published February 23rd 2016 by

Organising a big event is cause for lots of excitement. If you’re setting up an outdoor event, then a marquee is the perfect solution to create your party venue. You might be having a wedding, holding a business event, or just throwing a party. Whatever you need a marquee for, we’ll help you to make he right decision. This guide is designed to take you through the steps needed to find the perfect marquee for your event as well as helping you to make the final decision when choosing which marquee hire company to work with.


  1. Research Marquee Hire Companies


First, you need to see which marquee companies are available in your area. As with almost anything today, the internet makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. But even with the power of Google, you can still end up with several options you have to choose from. Selecting the best one might be difficult, so research them thoroughly. Look at their location and services, and check out reviews to see previous customers’ opinions.


  1. Consider Your Marquee Options


Before you can hire a marquee, you have to know what styles are available to you. You should think about the size and purpose of your marquee before you decide which one is right for you. Check out what sort of marquee you could hire:

Traditional marquees are a beautiful and distinguished choice which is suitable for both small and large events. Made from canvas, they’re held up by poles and ropes, which need extra space around the tent.

A more modern option, these marquees are ideal if you don’t have space for the ropes of a traditional marquee. They’re easily customisable with your choice of sizes and decoration.

Pagodas can be used for a roof for clear span marquees or on their own to form a shelter. These pointed roofs will add a jaunty feel to your marquee.

Those looking to make an entrance will appreciate the stunning atmosphere created by our awnings and walkways. These are handmade and beautiful add-on for any marquee style.


  1. The Marquee Interior


Once you’ve chosen your marquee, you need to consider what’s going inside it. You might decide to decorate yourself or use a separate company. However, many marquee hire companies also offer interior design. As well as furniture, you might also need a bar, dance floor, and lighting. View our marquee interior design services to learn what’s possible.


  1. Get a Quote and Confirm Your Booking


If you’ve narrowed down your choice to two or three marquee hire companies, it’s time to get a quote. You can compare prices and what’s included in the package to ensure you get what you need. Remember that the cheapest hire company isn’t necessarily the best. You want a service that will take care of you and do their best to make sure your event goes off without a hitch best site. Look for companies with experience, a track record of success and make sure they’re accredited by organisations such as MUTA.  Once you’ve chosen your favourite, it’s time to confirm your order and lock in your dates.
Ask a member of our expert marquee hire team if you need help making your choice. They’ll be happy to give some advice and lead you in the right direction.