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Christmas Party Marquees

Published 1 month ago by

So many people only associate marquees with weddings. While this is probably their most popular use, you can use marquees for a whole host of other events. An especially good event to hire a marquee for is your yearly Christmas party. Whether you’re throwing a party for your...
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Marquees for a Winter Wedding

Published 2 months ago by

Booking a winter wedding is a fantastic idea if you want to make sure you have some amazing photographs to remember your big day. If you’re lucky, you might even time your event, so there’s snow on the ground. You could have beautiful frost covering the trees and...
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Tips for Planning a Summer Marquee Wedding

Published 4 months ago by

Planning a summer marquee wedding can be incredibly exciting. Using a marquee for your summer wedding can mean making the most of the lovely weather and creating a more intimate area for your guests to enjoy the day. Not to mention it has lots of character! Here are...
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How to Create a Glamorous Wedding Marquee

Published 5 months ago by

If you’re planning on having a marquee wedding, you’re going to want it to be a glamorous, elegant affair. There are a number of different marquee options out there, from rustic styles to traditional canvas. The great thing about a wedding marquee is that you have complete creative...
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How to Light your Wedding Marquee

Published 10 months ago by

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A beautiful wedding marquee helps to make your big day even more special. And, lighting is a very important factor to consider. It helps create certain atmospheres and enhance everyone’s experience of the celebration. There are lots of lighting options to choose from for your wedding marquee. In...
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